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OUT OF THE DARK™ is all about passion for design and the stories behind. OUT OF THE DARK was founded in 2005, and from the very beginning, our aim has been to bring design lovers joy and inspiration with international quality brands. The founder Kati Tötterman´s love of design is reflected in our selection: all products are characterized by quality, surprise and diversity. OUT OF THE DARK brings together international brands, retailers, design lovers and emerging Finnish designers. Our brands are featured on our website, in our showroom and at our high quality retailers. We believe that we can offer everyone products that suit their personality, taste and design style.

Our brands: Ekobo, Fatboy, Wiener GTV Design, Jieldé, Normann Copenhagen, Ox Denmarq, Seletti and Slamp.




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Wiener GTV Design

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Wiener GTV Design (Gebrüder Thonet Vienna) is one of three European manufacturers of the original top-quality Thonet furniture. Woodworker Michael Thonet founded the company in 1853 and by 1865, Gebrüder Thonet already had 22 single-brand shops worldwide. The company’s success was based on the revolutionary wood bending method patented by Michael Thonet, resulting from more than fifty years of research and experimentation.

Today Gebrüder Thonet Vienna is part of the Moschini Group, and the brand has regained its leading role on the international scene. Wiener GTV Design’s new trajectory began in 2013 under Riccardo Pigati. In addition to its renewed manufacturing quality achieved by moving production to Italy, the company launched collections created by renowned designers in the Gebrüder Thonet tradition. In addition, the company focused on improving its contract sector for cafés, hotels, theatres and other public venues.

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Deleting Dull. It is hard to argue against such a statement. A global presence speaks for the fact that Fatboy is the number one choice for playful lounge furniture and accessories.

The products are grand, very durable, iconic and indispensable in both looks and functionality. With a collection consisting of surprising newcomers and unforgettable classics in fresh prints and indestructible fabrics.

Popular best sellers include the classic Fatboy Original beanbag and the Headdemock hammock and BuggleUp beanbag for outdoor use. The entire range is available in a variety of fabrics and colours, suitable for both formal and less formal spaces. Regardless of time and space, a Fatboy product is sure to make a statement. We have featured the entire Fatboy collection at numerous events and exhibitions, and we always return by popular demand.

Fatboy perfectly lends itself to shop-in-shop solutions and versatile sales materials help in creating a finished package. Whether you’re looking for something fun and unusual for your home, office or store, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

OOT/DRK has distribution rights for Finland, Russia and the Baltics.

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Normann Copenhagen

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Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen teamed up to create the Normann Copenhagen brand in 1999 with a vision to make a difference in the design industry. Their first product, the Norm 69 lamp, was an immediate success resulting in 38 new products within the next five years. Back then, like today, Normann Copenhagen collaborated with established and emerging talent from all corners of the world. Having mastered kitchen, tableware and accessory items, Normann have introduced several impressive furniture pieces since 2009. Exciting and bold design is coupled with on-trend colour schemes, inspired by the fashion world. This adds to the lifestyle appeal of the brand. This is best represented by their flagship store in Copenhagen, Denmark. Already a global design icon, Normann Copenhagen products are represented and sold only by the very best in the retail landscape. Featured in design stores, museum shops and online markets, each point of sale must exude passion and understanding for the brand’s products.

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The roots of the Seletti brand extend deep into the history of democratization of design in Europe. More recently, Seletti have expressed a shift from volume to a smaller scale of selected designs. An Italian design icon, the Seletti brand is a proud and established design institution. Seletti expresses a playful sense of design with an artistic twist at affordable prices.

A vast collection speaks for the pedigree of the brand. A large, commercially successful collection is not built overnight. The current collection includes lighting, tableware, storage units, and decorative accessories for the contemporary home.

Seletti actively exhibit throughout the world, adapting to cultural differences and offer a curated approach not unlike that of the art world. Shamelessly kitsch, wonderfully magic, and innocently playful, Seletti is hard to categorize.

OOT/DRK has distribution rights for Finland

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Jean-Louis Domecq drew his first draft of a lamp in the late 1940s. He was frustrated over the fact that there was not a light source, which met the demands of working in factory conditions.

His final draft of the lamp was finished in April 1950. It corresponded perfectly with the requirements needed, meaning the lamp was simple yet strong, and would fit into any kind of working station. Domecq spent from 1951 to 1952 industrializing this beautiful invention. In 1953 he created a company dedicated to the marketing of his lamp. He named the company Jieldé, after his initials.

Jieldé have expanded into floor lamps and reading lights in addition to the original. The lamps are hand cast from 100% aluminium, and then assembled by hand in Lyon, France and are individually numbered. Today, Jieldé is recognized as an icon of French industrial art.

Jieldé is a statement of quality, craftsmanship and provenance. A darling of professional interior designers, Jieldé can regularly be found on the cover of Elle Décor and other prestigious publications.

OOUT OF THE DARK is the importer in Finland and also operates in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia.

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Ox Denmarq

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OX DENMARQ is a Danish company producing exciting design furniture in contemporary materials. Their first designs were primarily made of high quality vegetable-tanned leather combined with stainless steel or wood. Since then their portfolio has extended to include materials such as marble, brass and copper.

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BIOBU [ by EKOBO ] is resolutely modern in style, but pulls inspiration from vintage simplicity. Made with bamboo fiber, a highly renewable natural resource, we offer a wide range of thoughtful, eco-friendly dinnerware and accessories for bath and kitchen.

OOT/DRK has distribution rights for Finland.

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